The Binational Association of Schools of Communication (BINACOM) hosted an Encuentro at San Diego State University on April 22-24, 2016.

This binational conference brought together professors and students from the U.S. and Mexico border region to present research projects and learn about new trends happening in the industry through a variety of keynote talks, panels and workshops during the three-day event. 

This year's conference theme was on Digital Communication: Transformations, Innovations and New Directions. 

Keynote speakers included Octavio Islas and Dr. Joseph Straubhaar.

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Work on the Encuentro 2018 is under way! Last September UABC Mexicali was voted as the next location for the biennial conference. Current Binacom vice-president Armando Gutiérrez Ortega brought in the preliminary 2018 poster design.


BINACOM - Erasing borders through communication

The Binational Association brings together Communication professors and students from the U.S. and Mexico border region. Motivated by the importance of engaging in communication across borders, the association creates opportunities for professors, graduate and undergraduate students to interact. The association believes that a deeper understanding of the process of communication will result from these interactions.

The mission of BINACOM is to facilitate ethical communication and remove the stereotypes associated with the border.




Linking topics discussing ideas related to BINACOM and international borders. 


Showcasing events in order for professors and students to learn from each other and interact intellectually.  


Creating a team of professors and students to come together and discuss ideas about cross-border affairs. 


Building a bridge for individuals to extend consciousness about the reality across international borders.